What is FR grade material

PCB boards are the foundation of any electrical equipment. What material is used for their manufacture will affect not only the final product, but also the price, reliability and durability.

How to avoid production delays and have PCBs on time

The data supplied by the customer to prepare the production documentation for PCB production must meet certain criteria to ensure efficient and error-free processing.

Design systems: a simple choice or is there more to it?

The birth of any functional and reliable electrical device starts with an idea and its interpretation into an initial design. To implement such a design, whether schematic or layout, it is necessary to choose the appropriate design software

Looking back at Altium Roadshow 2022

Altium Roadshow 2022 fell at the beginning of February this year. The planned meeting with the opportunity to meet in person in Brno was eventually cancelled due to the adverse covid situation and moved purely to the online environment.

Gatema reports: rigid-flex, chemical copper and MDI are now standard for us

Probably no manufacturer in the world today is experiencing unqualified fairy-tale times. There really is a lot to deal with - global raw material shortages, the logistics crisis, covid and post-covid measures, innovation, automation, or the constant lack of quality human resources. Yet, looking back over the last twelve months, Ondřej Horký, Sales Manager at Gatema PCB, has reasons to smile rather than frown. The company has strengthened its position, succeeded in meeting its ambitious economic plan and managed to put into practice a number of technologies in a year that are once again taking it further.