Certification according to the AS9100D standard for the production of printed circuit boards to the aerospace

Gatema PCB recently successfully completed quality certification process according to the AS 9100D standard, thereby meeting all requirements for the production and supply of printed circuit boards for the aerospace, defense, and space industries. This step represents a significant milestone in the company's development and strengthens its position in the market.

In challenging times, Gatema Holding is performing very well

In our interview with František Vlk, the owner of Gatema Holding, we explored the course of this year and inquired about the company's plans for the upcoming period. Mr. Vlk provided us with a unique perspective on current events and challenges faced by Gatema PCB, revealing key information about how the company plans to strengthen its position in the market. Take a look at what František Vlk shared with us about the happenings at Gatema PCB.

How we at Gatema PCB reduced the lead time of PCB production

Implementing digital production means, among other things, thinking about the future. Automation is nothing new, but recently some technologies have matured - such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) - that have the potential to change the way companies work. AI algorithms can save companies time, make operations easier and automate production processes.

How were the Evertiq Expo conferences 2022

After a long hiatus, exhibitions and conferences are taking place again this year. In June, Sales Manager Ondřej Horky from Gatema PCB together with his German colleagues from Kubatronik attended the Evertiq Berlin and Evertiq Krakow conferences. Both conferences were a good opportunity to meet partners, competitors and other people from the industry.

The ninth design class is already a standard

Significantly improved configurator, two new drills, new MDI, rigid-flex and flexi plates as standard production. And new enquiries from Romania, Finland or Ukraine. That's Gatema PCB saying goodbye to a crazy last year. Once again a record year in terms of order volume. This year should be no different, despite the raw material crisis. The alignment of processes with the recently acquired German company Kubatronik, which opens the door to the world of extremely sophisticated boards for Gatema, should help.