Invitation to Evertiq Expo Berlin

2 June 2022, 09:00 - 16:00, Technology Park Berlin Adlershof. For You who work within Design and Purchasing of Electronics.

The Biggest Expo for Southern Poland's Electronics Industry!

8 June 2022, 09:00 - 16:00, International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Kraków. For You who work within Design and Purchasing of Electronics.

Bootloader firmware update: Benefits and description of implementation in practice

Creating a well-tuned firmware is the goal of every developer. Unfortunately, however, flaws and bugs are often only discovered when the device is already on the market. The possibility of correcting them is then very complicated and often costly. The solution is a remote upgrade using a bootloader, which enables a fast and user-friendly upgrade. It also brings the possibility to continuously improve the device and get ahead of the competition.

What did the Polish Evertiq bring? Trends, localism, but above all "live people"

This year's Evertiq Expo was not so much exceptional in that it was held on the day of the Czech national holiday at the national stadium in Warsaw, Poland, or that it featured an exceptionally diverse range of current trends in electronics. But above all, it was the fact that it actually took place. Live people met here. After more than two years when all conferences and trade fairs tried to move online, there were indeed hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors. Under one roof, in one place, engaged in constant debate. The main topics will not come as much of a surprise to PCB connoisseurs. Much was made of the rapid development of 5G networks, which bring further fundamental acceleration and the need for further miniaturisation of boards. Related to this are further shifts in the development of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and the security of cloud systems architecture. However, a sort of leitmotif of this year's event is logically the coronavirus crisis and the associated disruption of traditional supplier relationships across continents.

PCB celebrates 100 years. Will it pass the hundred billion dollar milestone?

When American inventor Charles Ducas patented a wooden board on which he assembled a circuit made of conductive materials in 1925, he certainly could not have imagined the boom the idea would one day enjoy. If it weren't for covide, the total annual sales of the printed circuit board (PCB) market would realistically be expected to hit the $100 billion milestone a century later - in 2025.