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Why go for immersion silver?

In recent months, the final finish, using one of the most popular precious metals, has gained traction. Why now?

How not to make a mistake when I want my board in time

Who has ever worked with printed circuit boards knows really well how easy it might be to make a mistake somewhere along the process. And how many boards might have some of the flaws - caused by technology, chemistry, machinery or even staff - that prevent the boards from leaving the production hall. With so many details one need to consider we then usually have tendencies to forget about the single most fundamental first question that we should be asking. And that is: is the addressed manufacturer going to be able to produce a board that I have just designed?

Speeding up production? New production line for non-conductive paste will also help

When trying to meet the deadlines, these days usually every minute counts towards it. Therefore Michal Horni constantly seeks blind spots throughout the entire printed circuit boards production process that could save a bit of precious time between putting the board into production and its logistics back to the customer.