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Economics of development and production of electronic devices - Volume 1

Are you considering launching your own electronic product and want to be sure not only of the return on investment, but also that it will have a solid and lasting position in the market? Do you want to create a successful product that will become a long-term standard in its category and that will generate a profit? We have prepared a three-part article for you in which we will look at the economics of developing and manufacturing electronic devices in detail.

PCB industry trends that will matter in the coming years

Supply chain constraints and parts shortages have affected high-volume production in particular. Forcing customers to look for new more efficient solutions. Is it even possible to predict the evolution of the industry given all the events that have happened and will happen? Yes it is, the industry is moving with the development of more complex boards.

IPC class 3 PCB production

For electronic assemblies that require maximum precision, the production of Class 3 printed circuit boards is essential. What is Class 3?