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European PCB Industry at Risk

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are fundamental components of electronic systems, providing electrical connections and physical structure. In 2023, the global PCB market was estimated at $87 billion USD, with over 90% of production originating from Asia.

Thermal Vias: Maximizing Efficiency in PCB Design

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) commonly feature components that generate more heat than desirable. Typically, copper pads are placed under these components, with vias inserted underneath. These vias are called “thermal vias.” The primary function of these vias is to dissipate heat from the copper pad, thereby helping to regulate the component's temperature.

Challenges in PCB Design for Space Applications

The importance of PCB design for space applications cannot be underestimated. Complex electronic systems serve as the nervous center of rockets and satellites, coordinating critical functions of expensive instruments and processing vast amounts of data. These systems are exposed to the unforgiving space environment, which presents a range of extreme conditions and challenges that require specialized design techniques and certified environments for PCB manufacturing.