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What is the Czech economy suffering from? There just aren't the people

Is the time approaching when printed circuit board manufacturing will start to return to Europe? What role can automation play in this? Why is there a lack of 'brains' in the Czech market? And how to find them? How hard is it to saddle a three-headed corporate horse - Gatema - that simultaneously handles PCB manufacturing, information systems development and implementation, and an international telemedicine startup project? We also discussed this with Stanislav Sýkora, former CEO of Asseco Solutions and for the last four years CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Gatema. He is also an experienced coach and mentor.

Gatema reports: rigid-flex, chemical copper and MDI are now standard for us

Probably no manufacturer in the world today is experiencing unqualified fairy-tale times. There really is a lot to deal with - global raw material shortages, the logistics crisis, covid and post-covid measures, innovation, automation, or the constant lack of quality human resources. Yet, looking back over the last twelve months, Ondřej Horký, Sales Manager at Gatema PCB, has reasons to smile rather than frown. The company has strengthened its position, succeeded in meeting its ambitious economic plan and managed to put into practice a number of technologies in a year that are once again taking it further.

BTL Healthcare Technologies. If there's no way, we'll find it

The public in the Czechia first became aware of BTL Healthcare Technologies at the turn of last year. This was when the owner of the BTL group, Jan Vild, together with the technical director, Tomáš Drbal, became the largest private donors of lung ventilators in our country. They donated three hundred devices worth a total of €1.2 million to hospitals. In addition, they sent one hundred thousand respirators to hospitals and another twenty-five thousand to homes for the elderly