Gatema PCB: Innovation and Automation in PCB Manufacturing

At Gatema PCB, we are constantly pushing the boundaries in the field of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. Our goal is to increase production speed, refine processes, and achieve higher productivity and product quality.

Microvias in printed circuit boards

In the current technological world, "microvia holes" in printed circuit boards (PCBs) represent a revolutionary approach to manufacturing. By integrating these holes, whether through mechanical or laser drilling, it has been possible to achieve high-density interconnections (HDI) and create designs that were previously deemed impossible with traditional drilling methods. However, despite their enormous potential, concerns about their long-term reliability persist, making them the subject of intensive research.

The history and evolution of PCB - printed circuit board designs

Printed circuit boards have transformed the landscape of modern electronics, evolving from simple radio circuits to complex multi-layer designs that underpin a myriad of technologies. Dating back nearly a century, the journey of PCBs reflects a history of innovation and adaptation to changing consumer demands and technological advancements.

Modern Cleaning Agents and PCB Testing

As the demands for reducing dimensions and increasing intelligence in electronic systems continue to rise, there is mounting pressure to shrink components while ensuring their reliability and extended lifespan. Modern printed circuit boards constitute intricate and multilayered elements of electronics, where cleanliness plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the reliability of the final electronic device. Undesirable failures of these components due to contamination are unwelcome, underscoring the importance of meticulous attention to PCB cleaning processes and relevant testing.

Cleaning PCBs Only with Reliability Testing for Electronic Devices

With increasing demands for size reduction and enhanced intelligence of electronic systems, there is growing pressure to miniaturize components and ensure their reliability and long lifespan. Modern printed circuit boards (PCBs) are multilayered and complex electronic components that require meticulous cleanliness to ensure the reliability of the end electronic product. Failures in these components caused by contamination are undesirable, making it crucial to pay attention to both PCB cleaning and testing.