IPC class 3 PCB production

For electronic assemblies that require maximum precision, the production of Class 3 printed circuit boards is essential. What is Class 3?

Printed circuit board manufacturing technology

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are divided into single-sided, double-sided and multilayer. Single sided boards have only one side conductive either top or bottom. Double-sided PCBs have a conductive layer on the top and bottom side, and multilayer boards contain conductive layers inside the board as well. In a multilayer board, the layout of the boards is important to maintain conductivity.

What is FR grade material

PCB boards are the foundation of any electrical equipment. What material is used for their manufacture will affect not only the final product, but also the price, reliability and durability.

How to avoid production delays and have PCBs on time

The data supplied by the customer to prepare the production documentation for PCB production must meet certain criteria to ensure efficient and error-free processing.

Design systems: a simple choice or is there more to it?

The birth of any functional and reliable electrical device starts with an idea and its interpretation into an initial design. To implement such a design, whether schematic or layout, it is necessary to choose the appropriate design software