Gatema is thriving in Austria and the DACH region. Under the banner of Katema Tec

Boskovice, 4 Februrary 2021 – Gatema PCB, one of the fastest and at the same time dynamically developing European printed circuit board manufacturers, continues to strengthen its position in German-speaking countries. Following last year’s acquisition of the well-known German firm Kubatronik, which specialises in the manufacturing of sophisticated boards for aerospace, military and medical applications, the company is continuing to find success in Austria. There it operates under the banner of the sales offices of Katema Tec, which was established in cooperation with the experienced manager Andreas Kader who is also leading the company.

Three years ago, we had the vision of ranking among the European leaders in printed circuit board manufacturing by 2025. Logically, this would have been impossible without a strong presence in German-speaking countries, which set the pace for manufacturing in Europe overall. That is why we continue to look for opportunities for acquisitions and strategic partnerships. In Germany, we went the way of acquisitions with Kubatronik, a respected player with a history of more than forty years. It is different in Austria, here we have found a partner in Andreas Kader and together we founded Katema Tec. With his experience and contacts in this market segment, he is the best way to open up the Austrian market and the DACH region. Our first months of cooperation and market presence have shown we made the right choice,” said Zdeněk Cápal, Managing Director of Gatema PCB. The company is part of the Gatema Holding Group, with head office in the Czechia, and has more than two hundred employees.

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“I chose Gatema for this partnership because I have known them as a supplier for many years and they fulfilled exactly the points with best quality, service and delivery reliability, which I was looking for. I also appreciate the attitude of the owners, who constantly invest in production technology and development and thus don't lose touch with technology. These are good conditions that can be relied on. Our unique advantage is that we can deliver samples in a single day but also big volumes when” added Andreas Kader, who has held the position of CEO of Katema Tec since June of last year.

Our objective has not changed. We survived last year and came out even stronger. The first reason is the host of European companies who turned to us when faced with problems involving China and who then remained with us. It is also because we completed internal processes and transitioned our entire portfolio towards more complex and multilayer boards,” concluded Mr Cápal.

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