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Gatema PCB is among the best in Europe in the production of prototype printed circuit boards. In addition to first-class quality, we add reliability and speed of production and an extremely helpful approach. For this to be the case, it is essential that we have a passionate and reliable production team. And Gatema PCB certainly has that.

Without the technical preparation of the production, it would certainly not be possible


The advent of lead-free technologies for PCB manufacturing has not only changed the types of solder alloys, but also developed base materials whose properties better withstand higher temperature loads and multiple temperature cycles during processing and assembly. They are better adapted to final applications (such as mobile applications, automotive, aerospace, medical, LED applications).

If the base material is not properly selected, the PCB's post-processing during assembly is affected, which most often becomes apparent during the soldering process.

Typically, this can include:

·         twisting and bending of the PCB in the reflow oven,

·         Wave soldering deformation,

·         delamination of the inner layers,

·         cracking of forged holes,


For this reason, the work of the PCB manufakturing engineers is undeniably important, who review the data prior to implementation with regard to manufacturability and technical procedures, including material requirements.

Therefore, the designer should precisely specify the basic material with respect to the composition and components used on the PCB.

The degree of cure of the laminate by measuring the Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), that is, the temperature level at which the PCB substrate transitions from a glassy solid state to a softened, deformable state, was Tg 135 °C for the FR4 lead soldering technology.

However, for lead-free soldering technology, epoxy systems have been proposed that have a Tg of greater than 150 °C and a Tg of 175 °C. And the base material is thus High Tg FR4.

In PCB orders, often only the FR4 designation is listed in the material column, and so comes the necessary work of production preparation engineers who must design a suitable base material with the resulting application in mind. Gatema PCB has a team of 10 PCB manufakturing engineers who are responsible for manufacturability, suitability of the manufacturing process and completeness of the substrates that go into production. Due to its size and thus the possible substitutability of the team, there is no risk of limitation or suspension of production.


Among other things, for perfect and fast production, correct data input from the customer is essential. An article by DPS production manager Radim Vítek advises how to prepare data so that production does not get stuck anywhere.



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You can rely on the quality of DPS Gatemy PCB thanks to the inspection team 

The inspection department is also a closely cooperating team with the technical production preparation department. Inspection starts with the inquiry. The suitable manufacturability of the PCB is checked. Subsequently, another optical check is carried out during production, where the data sent by the customer is compared on the board with what is produced. At the same time, the quality of the processing, such as etching, drilling or forging, is checked. 

And in the second stage of production, an electrical check is carried out to check the functionality of the board. It is checked with X-ray-based instruments that reveal even the most minute details of the processing. Uneven, lower or higher forging in the holes and on the surface results in faulty or no functionality.


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It may seem unnecessary, but at the end comes the third – the output inspection, where the ordered data is compared again with the manufactured PCB, the dimensions are checked and if everything is in order, then a quality certificate and possibly other protocols required by the customer are produced.

Without these checks it is not possible to postpone production or deliver the PCB to the customer. Gatema PCB is looked after by a team of eleven quality inspectors whose work is absolutely essential to building the reputation of Gatema PCB.

The people behind Gatema PCB are


Because that is the only way we are able to guarantee quality and stand behind our work. Reliable and fast PCB production is all about a functioning team that loves its work and does it with heart. It's about people who can be relied on and who will cover for each other if someone is indisposed.

Production takes place in our own production hall, which you can view online.

Although only two teams were present this time, you can already see that Gatema PCB is large, has a solid foundation, and although based in the small Moravian town of Boskovice, has been doing good things well since 1992.

This year we will celebrate 30 years of Gatema PCB.

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