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In challenging times, Gatema Holding is performing very well

In our interview with František Vlk, the owner of Gatema Holding, we explored the course of this year and inquired about the company's plans for the upcoming period. Mr. Vlk provided us with a unique perspective on current events and challenges faced by Gatema PCB, revealing key information about how the company plans to strengthen its position in the market. Take a look at what František Vlk shared with us about the happenings at Gatema PCB.

Cleaning PCBs Only with Reliability Testing for Electronic Devices

With increasing demands for size reduction and enhanced intelligence of electronic systems, there is growing pressure to miniaturize components and ensure their reliability and long lifespan. Modern printed circuit boards (PCBs) are multilayered and complex electronic components that require meticulous cleanliness to ensure the reliability of the end electronic product. Failures in these components caused by contamination are undesirable, making it crucial to pay attention to both PCB cleaning and testing.

Flexible Electronics and Material Innovations: Path to New Possibilities

In the field of electronic design, new technologies and materials constantly emerge, enabling innovations that push the boundaries of possibilities. One key focus of development is flexible electronics.

Key parameter in PCB production for extreme conditions: High Tg value

PCBs with a high glass transition temperature (Tg) are an essential technology for applications facing extreme temperatures, humidity, chemicals, and vibrations. The significance of the Tg value determines the advantages of PCBs, particularly in the automotive electronics and telecommunications sectors.

Cooling of Electronic Devices: A Key Aspect for Longevity and Reliability

As technology continues to advance, electronic devices are becoming increasingly powerful, smaller, and indispensable in our daily lives. Whether it's ordinary computers or high-performance industrial systems, the reliability and longevity of these devices depend on proper cooling. In this article, we will explore various methods of electronic cooling, including passive PCB cooling, and assess their advantages and disadvantages.

Navigating the Thermal Maze of Printed Circuit Boards

The right choice of materials for thermal management in electronic assemblies can have a crucial impact on the stability and performance of devices. In this article, we will focus on five main groups of materials that can be used to address temperature-related issues and their application in various scenarios. Read on to discover how to make the correct choices and utilize thermal pastes, bonding materials, encapsulation resins, thermally conductive gap fillers, and phase-change materials to ensure optimal thermal performance in electronic assemblies.

Guide to Reducing PCB Manufacturing Costs

PCB manufacturing is not a routine task, involving a plethora of machinery, labor, and processes. The cost of production is intricately tied to the value of materials, composite layers, and the complexity of PCB fabrication. How can you reduce the cost of your PCB without compromising its performance or introducing unnecessary complexity? We present twelve practical tips for PCB manufacturing that will help you save money when placing orders for your printed circuit boards. Consider these before making your next order.

The Importance of Prototype Production of Printed Circuit Boards

In the modern technological environment, where innovation and rapid change are crucial, printed circuit boards hold a central place in the electronics industry. With this fast-paced dynamics, PCB prototype production becomes an integral part of the process of developing new electronic devices. Prototyping offers numerous benefits and plays a pivotal role in achieving success.

Innovative Solutions in Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Progress in the electronics industry is moving forward rapidly, with the latest trends focusing on the development of advanced flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs). These boards not only enable the interconnection of components in electronic devices but also possess the ability to bend, shape, and adapt to various conditions. Industrial manufacturers are striving not only to innovate the materials used in FPCB production but also to enhance manufacturing technologies to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the modern electronic market.

Our circuit boards in space

In April 2023, the largest planetary probe, JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE), was successfully launched towards the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter.