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IPC class 3 PCB production

For electronic assemblies that require maximum precision, the production of Class 3 printed circuit boards is essential. What is Class 3?

Researchers Developing Ways to introduce Graphene into PCBs for better performance

A unique consortium has been formed between leading industrial companies and academic institutes to introduce Graphene into the production of advanced printed circuit boards. They are testing its potential industrial applications.

18 GHz HF board. And this year we're doing even more challenging

Consilia, a Brno-based company, has built its business model in the printed circuit board sector on the fact that it does not make its own products, but offers "brains". Designers, layout engineers, coders or software engineers capable of designing a PCB, drawing a schematic, writing bespoke software or producing an entire pre-series part including a prototype. And when the customer requires it, its experts spend their days on-site at the company to get the project up and running. "Our goal is not to do our own development, we do everything to support our customers. That's why we are used to situations where we 'go into the field' for a fortnight or three weeks. We load up the laptops, learn the necessary tools and are ready to start supporting the customer directly in their companies. We are relatively small, up to twenty people, but we are able to work on complex projects from A to Z. We have the whole design development covered, from concept to drawing schematics, layout, prototype boards, we can fit PCBs or design the basic mechanics of a product. We have experts who are able to write software or firmware. For how small we are, we can do a lot. Our big advantage over others is our extreme flexibility. We work with a number of freelancers, so when a customer comes to us saying they need a team to work for them for two years non-stop. We are able to put it all together and start working within a month or two," says Petr Horák, who has been working in PCB design for 10 years, and for the fifth year directly at Consilia as a Senior PCB Design Engineer.

The production team at PCB cares above all

Gatema PCB is among the best in Europe in the production of prototype printed circuit boards. In addition to first-class quality, we add reliability and speed of production and an extremely helpful approach. For this to be the case, it is essential that we have a passionate and reliable production team. And Gatema PCB certainly has that.

Current situation of the purchase of basic materials used for the production of PCBs

How has the format of material orders for PCB production changed? And have companies moved to a different model? What causes material supply shortages and how can this be dealt with.

How were the Evertiq Expo conferences 2022

After a long hiatus, exhibitions and conferences are taking place again this year. In June, Sales Manager Ondřej Horky from Gatema PCB together with his German colleagues from Kubatronik attended the Evertiq Berlin and Evertiq Krakow conferences. Both conferences were a good opportunity to meet partners, competitors and other people from the industry.

Printed circuit board manufacturing technology

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are divided into single-sided, double-sided and multilayer. Single sided boards have only one side conductive either top or bottom. Double-sided PCBs have a conductive layer on the top and bottom side, and multilayer boards contain conductive layers inside the board as well. In a multilayer board, the layout of the boards is important to maintain conductivity.

What is FR grade material

PCB boards are the foundation of any electrical equipment. What material is used for their manufacture will affect not only the final product, but also the price, reliability and durability.

Invitation to Evertiq Expo Berlin

2 June 2022, 09:00 - 16:00, Technology Park Berlin Adlershof. For You who work within Design and Purchasing of Electronics.

The Biggest Expo for Southern Poland's Electronics Industry!

8 June 2022, 09:00 - 16:00, International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Kraków. For You who work within Design and Purchasing of Electronics.